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Copy text from
any application   
Recognize text   
in messages   
Grab text from 
protected documents
Quickly strip 

supports unicode
any language
umlauts, accents
any window

      Screen OCR converts anything you can read on the computer screen into editable text.
      Anyone who works with text that can be only viewed (not copied or printed) will benefit from this program and appreciate its value and usefulness. Screen OCR saves all the text you see on the screen with astonishing accuracy. Whether the text is on a web page, within an image, on a scanned page, or even in a PDF file, Screen OCR recognizes the letters and copies them.
      This program can be used by journalists, bloggers, web designers, analysts, interpreters - anyone involved in text processing.

     Screen OCR SDK is a library that allows on-screen text extraction from Windows applications.
      It is accessible from any programming language via COM interface, a DLL/OCX call or via a command line interface. You can use it to extract text from any application that doesn't provide communication API's in order to feed another program.
      Use it to extract text from Windows error messages, legacy systems/applications, Terminal Server windows...

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 ... as a business owner and a programmer.... it's just really nice when something actually works and works well.... awesome!
Kem Sisson, Money Movers, Inc

 Many of the software companies I have dealt with lately say they offer support, but it turns out to be a user forum they do not monitor or a superficial listing of worthless FAQs. That is not the case with ScreenOCR. Their support team has been personable, knowledgeable and very helpful in working with me to solve my problem. H G Washington, NC

 I use ScreenOCR to copy into text whatever I see in my computer screen. This tool has paid itself many times over as I can do my day to day tasks in a fraction of time it used to take me before. For any computer programmer ScreenOCR is a must have tool.
Jose Zaldivar, Palante Solutions, Calgary, AB, Canada has saved me so much time because it captures every screen so easily and accurately, despite the best efforts of the training software to make it difficult...I am so delighted that I have gone ahead and purchased the program because you deserve the money. I just love it.
Robert P., Australia

 This is a wonderfully helpful program. I use it everyday, and it speeds up my productivity greatly. Thanks for coming up with it.
Elaine H., AK
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