Quick Start

This small article will guide you through the entire Screen OCR operation cycle, focusing on step-by-step procedures description. This Quick Start guide presupposes you have Screen OCR application installed and run it for the first time. If you need more information on how to install Screen OCR, click here.

Step 1: Run Screen OCR

You should see the checkbox on the last installation wizard screen named 'Start application'. By default it is checked, so if you press Finish, Screen OCR will start. If you have un-checked this box, you may start the application manually by selecting Start->Programs->Screen OCR->Screen OCR. Once the application starts, you will see its icon in the TaskTray notification area (near the system clock).

When running program for the first time, you will also see the window that says you must build the font database to proceed.

Step 2: Build font database

Screen OCR uses font patterns for optical character recognition (OCR). Upon the first launch of application or any time you add fonts to or remove fonts from your system you should rebuild the font database. Simply press OK to initiate the database building process. This will take several seconds depending on total number of fonts installed on your system. If there are too many fonts installed, not all of them will be used when building font pattern database.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate Selection Mode

Click the Screen OCR TaskTray icon:

Choose appropriate Selection Mode from the menu. For more information on available Selection Modes, click here.

Your cursor will change its shape.

Step 4: Select text to recognize

Click with your new cursor in any window on your screen. The processing will then start. You will notice your cursor change to hourglass. When processing is complete you will get the copy menu displayed:

Step 5: Choose clipboard format and copy text/graphics

The easiest way to copy recognized text to clipboard is to select the topmost item from the menu - Copy Default (All Formats). However, you may choose the appropriate mode of copying or clipboard format using Copy-> submenu. For complete description of available Copy Modes click here.

Step 6: Paste the text/graphics

Open your target application (such as word processor or spreadsheet application or graphics editor) and then select Paste from within this application Edit menu. In most cases, [Ctrl]+[V] keyboard combination may be used to paste text to target document.

Congratulations! You have successfully recognized, processed, copied and pasted text and\or graphics for the first time!

See the how to section of this help file or follow the links below to learn more about various aspects of Screen OCR operation.

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