How to register?

Screen OCR software is distributed as shareware with 21-days free trial period. During the trial period you can evaluate the software with no restrictions. When 21-days free trial period is over, you must register Screen OCR in order to continue using it.

Registering Screen OCR requires you to purchase appropriate number of licenses basing on total number of computers you install this software on.

Registration cost:

Single license - $29.95
3 licenses - $75
5 licenses - $110
10 licenses - $200
30 licenses - $500
30+ licenses - contact our sales department at

To purchase the appropriate number of licenses click the link below:

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive registration code(s) that should be entered in Registerů window of Screen OCR.

Should you have any questions about registering this software \ obtaining new licenses - do not hesitate to contact us at

Follow the links below to learn how to...
...install application
...uninstall application
...start using Screen OCR within seconds

...configure Screen OCR
...choose the most convenient TaskTray icon menu mode the right Selection Mode
...choose the most appropriate Copy Mode

...register Screen OCR technical support for new features

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