Configuring Application

Screen OCR application is capable of automatic configuring and basically requires no additional tuning. However, you can still configure the program options to suit your needs by selecting Properties from the Screen OCR TaskTray icon menu:

The following window will appear:


  • Auto startup - check this box to make Screen OCR load automatically on Windows startup;    
  • Highlight text - pick the color you want Screen OCR to use for marking text selected for OCR;    
  • Activation Hotkey - choose hot key combination that will be used for activating Text Select mode. The available choices are: [Shift]+[Ctrl], [Ctrl]+[Alt], [Shift]+[Alt] and no hot key at all. All key combinations mentioned are left keyboard keys.

    Using Control menu of Properties window

    Select Control from the main menu to bring up the following menu:

  • Rebuild Font Database... - click to rebuild your existing font database. This action should be taken when you add new fonts or remove fonts from your system.    
  • Advanced Settings in OCR.ini - click to open OCR.ini configuration file in your text editor so that you can alter advanced settings. This step is not required for normal operation and should be taken only if you are sure you know what you are doing. To read more about OCR.ini setting file and Advanced Settings - view the online FAQ at:    
  • Font Database Report - click to view the report on fonts included into database.

    Click OK to confirm changes or Cancel to discard changes.

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