TaskTray Icon Menu Modes

Screen OCR uses a menu, available on clicking its TaskTray icon to let you operate the software, choose recognition modes, access Settings window or exit application.

The application reacts to left mouse click on its icon in two possible ways:


  • Default mode - left-clicking the Screen OCR icon enters active Selection Mode (your mouse cursor changes to ruler cursor). You can activate any available Selection Mode by right-clicking the Screen OCR TaskTray icon and then choosing the appropriate item from the menu.    
  • Advanced mode - left-clicking Screen OCR icon brings up a menu which allows you choose the Selection Mode of your preference prior to actually entering this Selection Mode.

    You can switch between Default and Advanced modes of menu behavior by checking or un-checking Use default mode, No left menu option in either right-click menu or left-click menu.

    Choosing menu behavior is up to you and is typically depends on task performed. If you OCR many sources of the same type - Default mode is the recommended choice, otherwise it is better to have choice of Selection Modes prior to recognizing, which is available in Advanced mode.

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